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Target Named as Defendant in Slip and Fall

Marj and Samuel Scarberry recently filed a lawsuit against Target in Ohio.  However, Target is now asking for the case to be removed to federal court because it believes that the damages sought exceed the jurisdictional limit of $75,000 and because there is a “diversity of citizenship” between it and the plaintiffs.

Marj was shopping in March 2010 when she violently fell on an “unsafe, dangerous and unmaintained walkway floor aisle way.”  She claims that Target failed to exercise reasonable care to ensure that customers were not in danger of this aisle way, and this caused her injuries, losses and damages.  She suffered injuries to her back, head, extremities, “body chemistry,” psyche,” fascia and muscle tissue, along with other internal injuries.  Furthermore, she claims that she lost wages and has sustained a diminution in her future earning ability, capacity to care for herself and enjoy a normal life.  Her husband, Samuel, is also claiming loss of consortium as a result of his wife’s permanent and lasting injuries.

Wal-Mart Named Yet Again in Slip and Fall

When you are Wal-Mart with thousands of stores around the world, it seems just a matter of time before another lawsuit comes your way.  The most recent one is filed by Cheryl Raines, the wife of a recently deceased man.  She claims that the trip and fall her husband sustained while in Wal-Mart led to his kidney failure and, fourteen days later, death.  The crate that he tripped over was allegedly difficult to see.  As a result, the suit claims that Wal-Mart and its manager were negligent in warning customers of the tripping hazard.

Cheryl is seeking an unspecified amount, more than the minimum limits and damages of more than $100,000.  She is suing for lost companionship, and funeral and burial costs.