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NY Lawyer Calls for More Bike Safety

David Perecman, a New York personal injury lawyer, is now arguing for more bicycle protection and accident investigations by the NYPD.  Unfortunately, the NYPD does not have the staff to investigate any bicycle accidents that don’t result in actual death.  In 2010, a NYC resident was hospitalized after being hit by a car while she was on her bicycle.  And, CNN recently reported that the NYPD decided not to investigate it at all.  As a result, this driver is still on the road and has not been punished.

This is disconcerting in a city that has more and more cyclists joining the space on the roads.  Last year alone, 362 people were severely injured and 19 died – and these are just those that were reported.  Now, Perecman is supporting a bill that is currently being reviewed that would give bicyclists the same rights on the road as cars and other motor vehicles.  Bicyclists’ lives can be changed forever as a result of a crash, this is a serious and important issue that needs to be addressed everywhere, and especially in New York City.

DJ Megatron Hit by a Hit-and-Run Driver

Corey McGriff, also known as DJ Megatron, was hit last year while he was parked in West Brighton.  On June 7, 2010, he was hit by a 2001 Cadillac, allegedly owned by Richard Montalbano.  It is thought that the driver of the car was not Montalbano, but that the car had been stolen.  While McGriff was parked on Catleton Avenue near Pelton and Oakland avenues he was struck by the Cadillac.  As a result of the accident, McGriff suffered neck and back injuries and was not able to work for eight months.
McGriff worked as a radio and TV personality on BET’s “106 & Park” music countdown series, as well as on-camera work for the show and BET’s website.  He was the provider for the family, so this loss was significant.  A year after the car accident, in March of 2011, he was murdered during a botched robbery.  He had three children, so the loss of eight months of work and the subsequent death of their father was significant.  The Staten Island public administrator filed the lawsuit on behalf of the family’s estate as none of his children are old enough to handle the estate.

Mo-ped Driver Hit by Deputy

Christopher Adams, a 38-year-old Wisconsin man, was hit by a squad car in October while traveling east on Highway 73 South and waiting to make a left turn.  It was then that Deputy Haldeman looked down at his phone, thinking Adams had already turned and he hit his mo-ped.  This knocked Adams off and onto the hood of the Deputy’s car and then onto the road.

Adams is now suing the county, the Sheriff’s Department, the deputy and their insurance companies.  He is seeking compensation for pain, suffering, medical expenses, loss of income and possible permanent disability.  Haldeman received a citation for inattentive driving.

NJ Woman is Victorious over NJ Transit

Mercedes Perez was hit head-on by a New Jersey transit bus while crossing the street in 2008.  Her legs were pinned underneath the bus and she suffered extensive injuries.  As a result, she was forced to have her left leg and right foot amputated.  Furthermore, she suffered brain damage, losing her ability to speak or feed herself.  She was placed in a rehabilitative center and faced enormous medical mounting medical costs.

Ms. Perez’s case was not settled until almost 3 ½ years later in 2012.  However, as a result of her patience, her attorney was able to get $7.85 million to cover her damages.  Additionally, she will now be able to receive care in a private facility.

This case calls into question how safe everyone in New Jersey is.  The bus driver that struck Mr. Perez was newly hired and she was halfway across the street when the driver struck her.  Transit vehicles are massive and cause enormous damage when involved in an accident.  Consequently, they should have a higher duty to respect the safety of other drivers or pedestrians on the road.  NJ Transit should definitely be more careful in the future.

Southwestern Energy Corp. Sued by Woman after Collision

In the summer of 2010, a Smith County woman’s car was hit by a Southwestern Energy Corp company vehicle.  Two minor children were passengers in the car at the time of the incident.  The Energy Corp vehicle changed lanes and hit the rear of the woman’s vehicle.  The plaintiff claims that the defendant failed to control his speed, properly apply his brakes and properly keep a lookout.  All of these factors led to him hitting the woman and two children.

The plaintiff is seeking damages for physical pain, mental anguish, lost earnings, physical impairment, medical expenses, lost earning capacity, interest and court costs for both her and the children.  Currently, it is awaiting trial.  The plaintiff’s lawyer requested a jury trial.

Car Accidents are Especially Dangerous for Teens

Car wrecks are the leading cause of death for teenagers between the ages of 15- and 19-years-old, and the numbers are on the rise.  Generally, teenagers do not have the experience, knowledge or attitude to act responsibly on the road, especially when other passengers are in the vehicle.

Recently, a teen died in a car crash in Manchester country.  The 16-year-old male driver died after he slammed into a tree.  Fortunately, his 17-year-old passenger survived.  While no drugs seem to have been involved, he was speeding and, thus, opens the potential for the survivor to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Police Car Crash to Settle

In 2007, a police captain rear-ended Robert Myers and Karen Myers.  The Myers’ car then hit the one in front of them, injuring them in the process.  The Myers are now filing suit, claiming that Karen suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, “suicide disease,” as a result of the accident.  This condition causes “episodes of intense, stabbing, electric shock-like pain” around her face.  This condition can last a lifetime.

The suit proposes a settlement of $280,000.  It looks as though the Metro Council will most likely accept the settlement, but is still reviewing their options.