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School Sued After 25 Years of Sex Abuse Accusations

A bit over 25 years ago, children at the elite Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn were allegedly sexually abused by the football coach, Philip Foglietta. Back in August, 10 alumni and 2 summer camp students sued the school. While the group could not file under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, Judge Frederic Block allowed two individuals to move forward with the RICO claim, as they had donated money to the school. 11 of the plaintiffs were also allowed to pursue the case for negligence and Title IX sexual abuse claims.

Though Foglietta died in 1998, the case claims that the abuse lasted over a 20 year period, from 1966 to 1986. While accusations were made, threats were made to conceal, refutations made by the former headmaster William Williams, and none of the accusations before 1991 (the year Foglietta retired) were ever found.

While Poly Prep did ask for dismissal of the case, it continues on past three-year statute of limitations. The school believes that the case “will ultimately be dismissed following a hearing,” but has also pursued settlements with the plaintiffs.

Attorney Sues for Stunning Twice

Florida attorney Carl Roland Hayes was shocked twice with a stun gun at a code enforcement hearing after slapping the officer escorting him from the meeting. According to Hayes, Donald Miller was in plain clothes and failed to identify himself, and the second shock happened when Hayes “lay face down on the ground—compliant and nonresistant.” Last September, he filed a suit against Miller for unspecified damages and legal fees.

Meanwhile, police claim that Hayes was significantly upset when addressing the board to a violation notice he received for installing nonconforming windows in his building. The force claims that the force was “reasonable and necessary” because Hayes struggled and “took a fighting stance.” After being handcuffed and cooperative, no force was used.

Family of Beaten and Killed Man Sues

The family of Eric Benson, a man who was assaulted and killed in Portland two years ago, is now suing the attacker and the bar he was at before the assault.  Benson’s family claims that negligence and recklessness in the lawsuit filed in Cumberland County Superior Court against the assaulter, William Googines, and the operators of the Oasis bar.

Googins had made sexual advances on Benson’s friend.  When Benson stood up for the girl, Googins punched him.  Benson struck his head on the ground and died hours later.  Googins was convicted of assault.  Benson’s family is seeking unspecified damages.

Retired School Principal Awarded for Assault Suit

A 90-year-old West Baltimore woman was awarded a settlement of $95,000 for alleged assault, false imprisonment and other misconduct on the part of Baltimore City Police.  On July 26, 2009 a cop and her had a “scuffle” in her basement where after she was handcuffed and sustained a separated shoulder among other injuries.  She claims her civil rights were violated, as the police entered her home against her consent and without much probable cause.