Death by Drunkenness

Back in July 2012, Bryan Lee Glenn’s family filed suit against IP Casino Resort and Spa in Mississippi for $75 million for continuously serving drinks that caused his death.

Glenn had picked up a check for $15,000 in 2009 for a deposit on the family’s new living space. Nonetheless, Glenn began betting up to $1,000 a hand on blackjack and ordering two drinks at a time — whiskey and cola and shots of tequila. The suit says a dealer, pit boss, waitress and security guard were among those who refused to intervene after Glenn was falling down drunk and his family begged the casino to stop serving him.

His family had to leave to take another family member home, but returned to the casino to find Glenn collapsed in their hotel room. Glenn’s friend tried to revive him for 25 minutes using CPR and continued to do so even after the casino medic arrived because the doctor lacked a “mouthpiece.” 20 minutes following that, an ambulance crew arrived, but too late as Glenn died on the scene.