Half a Million Plus Awarded for Personal Injury

A Wisconsin 39-year-old woman was awarded one of state’s largest settlements ever in a personal injury case involving only soft-tissue injuries.  Attorney Will Pemberton of Pemberton and Englund Law Offices, LLC said his client received a $535,000 settlement from the case completed March 15.  She received $60,000 for past pain and suffering, $175,000 for future medical expenses and $300,000 for future pain and suffering.  The only soft-tissue case to receive more was awarded in 2010 for $677,094.

Pemberton said that he and his client tried to settle the case, but could not reach an agreement with the other side. Thus, they had to go to trial.  Going to trial is always a hit or miss as you never know what the people on the other side of the bench are thinking. This case was different too in the fact that it included soft-tissue injuries, which you can’t see.  This can make it hard for a jury to understand the pain and suffering the victim went through.