Largest Jury Verdict Awarded for Paralyzed Mother

Five years ago, Kristin Myatt walked into the hospital with an extreme headache.  Additionally, she had dangerously high blood pressure; however, Jeffrey Updegraff, the doctor, simply gave her pain medication for a migraine and discharged her.  He did not run any further tests or do any further due diligence.  Unfortunately, she was actually experiencing a small bleed in her brain.  This could have been easily detected had the doctor performed a CT scan.  As a result of his negligence, she was paralyzed on her right side.  This mother’s life was now turned upside down as she could no longer experience a normal life or provide for her children.

Interestingly though, Updegraff did not want to go to trial, rather he urged his insurance provider, COPIC Insurance, to pay Myatt the policy limit of $1 million.  Regardless, COPIC forced him to go to trial.  Five years later, COPIC is now forced to pay $3.9 million, much more than the policy limits.  This is the largest jury verdict ever made in Larimer County, CO.  This should provide some support to the injured and her family, but will never make up for the loss of her mobility and normal life.