One Couple, One Case of Mesothelioma, Seventy-three Companies

An elderly couple is suing 73 companies over asbestos exposure.  They claim that all of the companies were aware and, thus, should have informed them of the side-effects of asbestos.  The husband was an insulator from 1956 until 1993.  During this time, he was exposed to asbestos-contained products.  The prosecutors claim that the companies are laible for negligence, misrepresentation, break of implied or expressed warranty, and post-safe duty to warn consumers of the effects of asbestos contained in their products.  Basically, the companies should have informed customers about the asbestos either in the packages or through communication at the point of sale.

However, because they did not, Mauney was exposed for nearly four decades.  It is now up to the courts to decide if the defendants were negligent.  However, it does not look favorable for the defendants, especially considering last fall a Florida jury awarded an asbestos victim $20 million.