Ambulance-Chaser Caught

Jeffrey Squitieri, an ambulance-chasing lawyer, was caught when he filed a $1 million dollar personal injury claim against the FBI on behalf of a victim who was really an undercover cop.  This past Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit health-care fraud.

The undercover cop, who wore a wire, had a phony accident report and who was working for a joing health-care fraud task force, begin working on the case in January 2011.  Squitieri immediately told him to make as many unnecessary doctor visits as possible, and to make sure to bill his insurance company for lots of high-priced procedures like MRIs.  The reason he recommended this is because Squitieri would get a third of whatever reimbursements the victim received.  Squitieri even recommended a chiropractor who specializes in “manipulation under anesthesia” which dramatically increases the amount the cop could claim from his insurance provider.

Finally, when Squitieri learned that the FBI had rented the car that was listed in the police report provided to him by the undercover cop, Squitieri got super excited about the change to sue the FBI.  As a result, in June 2011 Squitieri filed his claim against the FBI.  In September, he was disbarred for misappropriating clients’ money and now faces up to 10 years in prison.