NY Lawyer Calls for More Bike Safety

David Perecman, a New York personal injury lawyer, is now arguing for more bicycle protection and accident investigations by the NYPD.  Unfortunately, the NYPD does not have the staff to investigate any bicycle accidents that don’t result in actual death.  In 2010, a NYC resident was hospitalized after being hit by a car while she was on her bicycle.  And, CNN recently reported that the NYPD decided not to investigate it at all.  As a result, this driver is still on the road and has not been punished.

This is disconcerting in a city that has more and more cyclists joining the space on the roads.  Last year alone, 362 people were severely injured and 19 died – and these are just those that were reported.  Now, Perecman is supporting a bill that is currently being reviewed that would give bicyclists the same rights on the road as cars and other motor vehicles.  Bicyclists’ lives can be changed forever as a result of a crash, this is a serious and important issue that needs to be addressed everywhere, and especially in New York City.